Storage services:

Considering every individual client needs we provide these services:

· Storage of goods
· Sorting and packaging of goods, measure, weigh, label and glue labels and stickers;
· Fill up and prepare cargo transportation documents;
· We guarantee the security of goods.


Financial services:

We offer accounting services from preliminary documents until the contract of financial liability.
We are oriented towards small and medium sized businesses, small communities, public bodies and individual enterprises.
We provide the following basic accounting services:

· The purchases and sales registration;
· The bank/cash operations accounting;
· Payroll accounting;
· Preparation of financial declarations and presentation of it to public authorities in compliance with the laws in force in the Republic of Lithuania: STI, Social Funds, Department of Statistics;
· Annual financial reporting: profits (loss) statement, balance sheet, statement of changes in equity, explanatory notes.

If customer provides a request, we offer additional services:

· Inventory;
· The stock records according to the nomenclature;
· Orders, regulations, preparation of applications;
· Intrastat reporting;
· Consulation regarding taxes;
· Interim financial accountability.